Animal Friendly Cotswold Locks - Midori

Animal Friendly Cotswold Locks - Midori

This listing if for some soft, luxurious, washed, picked and hand dyed Cotswold wool locks. This wool is from a animal friendly farm that rescues sheep, alpacas, and llamas. All animals are allowed to live out their natural lives in peace and happiness!

** Minimally processed so it maintains natural softness and texture

** A wonderful wool for all types of fiber projects!

** Might have the occasional bit of veggie matter in it but it will come out during your crafting.

Colorway: Midori - shades of emerald and honeydew greens
Weight: Sold in 1 oz increments
Lock Length: 5 to 7 inches long

We may have larger volumes of this colorway. Feel free to convo us if you are interested.